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Most people thinks that if you have worked out for a couple of months and didn't see any improvements than its time to start AAS. Clearly, that's not correct and you also never should behave like this way when on anabolic steroids. If you have exercised in gym for a few months and then there are not any good results so the problem is everything else simply not the gear. In this case juicing is not the solution. You have to make positive changes to your workout routine, diet program and sleep time, once all of these has been tweaked and you can't grow anymore for several months, then you can think about using anabolic steriods.

Steroid use is not a real quick fix, don't think that when you take them success is guaranteed. Steroids are not miraculous pills, you still have to train hard and follow a strict diet plan. So using roids has to be final step when you believe that you have reached your natural potential.

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